The area of Northwest Ohio was once covered in a Great Black Swamp. While most of that is gone now, I am proposing we cover Northwest Ohio in a new modern swap, an open transparent swamp.

Imagine if citizens can bring accountability to governments in Northwest Ohio by demanding transparency. Bad can happen when the elite think you don't know what is going on. This site is a spot to make sure you can't be ignored. I have been ignored in public record requests and I am sure you may have too. I put this site together so you can learn your rights, shine light problems you are having with government, as well as ask for assistance.

If government knows that their lack of following of sunshine laws will be highlighted, then they may be less inclined to violate the law and drag their feet.

On this site, you can also search through local government Web sites for information, view a developing library of public information users have submitted, as well as a forum which will allow you to discus your issues.

This site will focus more on open records and your right to know.

The scope of this site will expand in the future, but right now it focuses in on the Toledo metro area.