Patrice Powers-Barker and Evan Straub | ''Food Preservation'' | September 9, 2009 | Toledo Botanical Gardens


Run Time: 32:38

Patrice Powers-Barker and Evan Straub reviewed common techniques such as canning, freezing and drying fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.  Some of the topics included were: how to choose the best preservation method, the basics of each technique, tools of the trade and the importance of food safety in any food preparation.

Dr. Debra Rowe | "Education and Action for a Sustainable Future" | September 11, 2009 | Terra Community College


Run Time: 56:28

Dr. Debra Rowe presented "Education and Action for a Sustainable Future" at Terra Community College.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold | Toledo Rotary Club | September 12, 2009


Run Time: 31:45

Dr. Jeffrey Gold discussed the importance of top tier health care systems to community success for the Toledo Rotary Club.  The meeting was held at the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Dr. Gold joined the University of Toledo in May 2005 from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Montefiore Medical Center in New York City where he was professor and chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery.

Dr. Lawrence Anderson- Huang | "The 'Weightiness' of Light" | September 16, 2009 | University of Toledo


Run Time: 46:02

Dr. Lawrence Anderson-Huang, University of Toledo professor of astronomy and director of the Ritter Planetarium, addressed The Weightiness of Light. He covered theories of light from ancient times to present, he considered spiritual, particle and wave concepts leading to the understanding of the weightiness or volume of light-filled spaces. These observations were used to illuminate qualities of light that appear in works of art.

The presentation was held at the University of Toledo.

Steve Charter | "Coming to America" | August 21, 2009 | Sauder Village


Run Time: 1:15

Steven Charter, Head University Archivist from the Center for Archival collections at Bowling Green State University, presented "Coming to America: A Land of Opportunity." Mr. Charter spoke about the early 19th century immigrants who came to Northwest Ohio.

The lecture was held at Sauder Village.

Toledo City Council Meeting | September 16, 2009


Run Time: 1:31:23

Toledo City Council Meeting on September 16, 2009.

Rebecca Zietlow | ''Women and the U.S. Supreme Court'' | September 10, 2009 | University of Toledo


Run Time: 28:09

Rebecca Zietlow, University of Toledo Professor, College of Law, presented "Women and the U.S. Supreme Court".

Professor Rebecca Zietlow, is a faculty member at the University of Toledo since 1995, she is a graduate of Barnard College (BA) and Yale Law School (JD).

Laurie Spencer | "Ceramic Whistles and Site Specific Domes" | September 3, 2009 | Toledo Museum of Art


Run Time: 40:20

Artist Laurie Spencer held a slide presentation about the Urban Cairn project, a site specific coil-built ceramic dome that will be produced in the sculpture court of the Center for Sculptural Studies by University of Toledo students under her guidance during fall semester.

The presentation was held at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Dr. Jennifer Hohman | "Back to School Basics and Immunization Insights" | August 25, 2009 | Van Wert Medical Center


Run Time: 25:01

Dr. Jennifer Hohman discussed some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to make going back to school easier.  She also discussed some common immunization myths.

The presentation was held at the Van Wert Medical Center.

Dr. Rita Colwell | ''The Cholera Paradigm'' | May 21, 2009 | University of Toledo, IAGLR Conference


Run Time: 54:32

Stop The Bleeding: Avoiding Blood Vessel Leakage During Trauma


When blood vessels become weak or are put under trauma, they become porous and blood cells leak out – flooding surrounding tissue and putting a person’s life in jeopardy.  Faculty at the University of Toledo have developed a new liquid compound polyethylene glycol (PEG) – modified albumin.  Dr. Joseph Shapiro, Dr. Regheb Assaly, and Dr. J. David Dignam developed this medical breakthrough and are licensing its use through ADS Biotechnology.  Dr. Jeffrey Gold, provost, UT College of Medicine, talks about the process taking a drug from lab to the pharmacy shelf.

On the Green Fast Track: Recycling at the Speedway


The Michigan International Speedway shows off a new facility made of recycled materials, solar panels, water conservation and a big recycling program for the tons of cans and bottles that crowds leave behind after every race.  University of Toledo’s  Chuck Lehnert VP for Facilities & Construction gives us perspective on corporate America’s green scene.

Breaking the Mold: Advanced Ceramics Offer More Strength


Dr. Sarit Bhaduri, from the UT College of Engineering, is our guide to developments in advanced ceramics.  This age-old material holds the key to nearly unbreakable machine parts, coatings for the manufacture of electrodes and sensors, as well as bio-medical uses for bone reconstruction.  Dr. Margaret Carney, Curator of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes, fills us in on traditional ceramics in art and history.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Gender and the science of sport


Men and women have different physical characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, yet both sexes like to participate in the same sports and recreational activities.  What are the differences in short term strength vs long term endurance? Are there specific activities that give one gender an edge over the other in certain activities?  Student Carmen Quatman is working on a unique project that tries to get at the heart of why female athletes get certain injuries. 

Pre-Primary Toledo Mayoral Candidate Forum | Live Streaming Event | September 11, 2009


Online Live Video Streaming of the 2009 Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Pre-Primary Mayoral Candidate Forum

September 11, 2009
Program begins promptly at 7:30 a.m.

It's the 2009 Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Pre-Primary Mayoral Candidate Forum! Just 4 Days prior to the Primary Election!

And it is your opportunity to hear first-hand from all the ballot-certified mayoral candidates vying for the job of Mayor of the City of Toledo! This will help you make an educated decision at the polls on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, September 15th.

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