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Exercise Your Mind: Computers Enhance Cognitive Ability


As we age, our brains have less cognitive ability, which can lead to other problems including emotional distress, family and financial challenges.  Researchers are devising computer simulation programs that can help increase and improve cognitive function amongst older adults.  Paired with physical activity, the simulations are showing remarkable results. 

Small Science; Big Impact


Scientists are experimenting with the ‘third generation’ of solar energy, with print-screened, nano-sized dots on thin film materials; a process that may revolutionize our lives.  ‘Quantum’ dots can make any surface available for solar energy production, even the clothes we wear!

Beating the Market: The Science of Economic Prediction


Students at the UT College of Business Administration are interested in the mysteries of how financial markets work.   What are the methods of prediction and analysis?  Now, more than ever, people want to find out the basics of world finance, to separate the wild speculation from helpful solid analysis.

Toledo City Council | January 19, 2010


Run Time: 1:44

Toledo City Council meeting on January 19, 2010.

Toledo City Council Meeting | January 4, 2010


Run Time: 1:44

Toledo City Council Meeting on January 4, 2010.

Toledo City Council Meeting | December 22, 2009


Run TIme: 1:53:26

Toledo City Council Meeting on December 22, 2009.

Toledo Public Schools Board Meeting | December 15, 2009


Run Time: 2:31:51

Toledo Public Schools board meeting on December 15, 2009.

Dr. Jennifer Hohman | "Bugs, Drugs and Hugs" | October 27, 2009 | Delphos Knights of Columbus Hall


Run Time: 46:21

Dr. Jennifer Hohman, pediatrician, presented the topic "Bugs, Drugs and Hugs" at the Delphos Knights of Columbus Hall.  The presentation was to help parents recognize the most common signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses.


Dr. Martin Kilmer | ''The Norse and their Neighbors in Northern Newfoundland'' | December 4, 2009 | University of Toledo


Run Time: 1:01:22

Dr. Martin Kilmer, retired Professor of Classics, University of Ottawa, presented The Norse and their Neighbors in Northern Newfoundland.  The presentation was held at the University of Toledo.

Katherine Tillotson | Mazza Weekend Conference | November 7, 2009 | Mazza Museum


Run Time: 29:43

San Francisco artist of childrens books, Katherine Tillotson, spoke at the Mazza Museum. She loves to work in oil as "it provides seemingly endless possibilities for expression." Her books include, When the Library Lights Go Out, Penguin and Little Blue, Night Train and Nice Try, Tooth Fairy.

Debra A. Davis | "Art and Practice" | October 29, 2009 | University of Toledo


Run Time: 45:00

Debra Davis, University of Toledo Professor presented a lecture entitled, "Art and Practice". She discussed how she creates and why she creates.  She stated that she links her work with what she experiences in life.

John Foley & Francine Lawrence | "The Best Kept Secret" | December 14, 2009 | Toledo Rotary


Run Time: 23:50

John Foley, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, and Francine Lawrence, President of the Toledo Federation of Teachers, spoke at a Toledo Rotary Club meeting.

Mike Bell |"Pressing Issues with Mike Bell" | December 11, 2009 | Lucas County Public Library


Run Time: 1:09

Toledos mayor-elect Mike Bell answered questions during a visit with members of the Press Club of Toledo at the Main Toledo-Lucas County Library. He told the attendees: "I'm human. I will make mistakes. But if we mess up, we'll admit it and fix the problem."

Jim Beard | The Transition from Comic Book to Graphic Novel | Toledo Museum of Art | November 13, 2009


Run Time: 53:19

Jim Beard presented a visual tour of the origins of the graphic novel, from the first comic books of the early 1900s to the dawning of the graphic age in the 1970s and beyond. He discussed how many of the storytelling techniques of modern graphic novel masterpieces are rooted in the nascent days of the industry as you walk step by step through the years preceding the unique and creative medium as it exists today.

The presentation was held at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Shaping Reality


VR goes useful.  The application of Virtual Reality in video gaming is well-known, but how can VR be used to teach?  The team at the Center for Creative Instruction and the University of Toledo Medical Center are exploring how 3D graphics, database design, big servers, artificial intelligence and some cool software merge to create exciting learning environments.

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